'Post-friendly' framing service available
Your commissioned caricature illustration looks so much better when it arrives at your door already framed! Click here to read more.

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Pastel caricatures will require at least a weeks notice (earlier deadlines may be possible depending on workload). UK only. Once I have confirmed that I can meet your deadline and requirements, I'll then need a few details and a selection of photos from you.

Photos to supply

I will need a few good quality photos of each subject sent to me to create a caricature. For more information, please click here.

Proof sketch

Proof sketches are not available on Pastel caricatures (illustration created from your description). If you require a proof sketch on a commission, please see 'Digital' or 'Pencil' caricature styles.


  • My goal is to represent a person in a fun, cartoon style, usually with exaggerated features - a 'caricature'. 
  • My caricature illustrations are based on how I imagine the person's character and look to be, from the quality and content of the photos that are provided to me.
  • Please bear in mind that I do not know the subject and a lot of the character of him/her is gained by you 'knowing' them. This doesn't always come across in photos. 
  • Before commissioning me to create a caricature, please bear in mind that I am not a 'portrait artist'! If you are hoping for an identical, photographic representation of an individual, then please contact a portrait artist who can suit your requirements. 
  • Hopefully, from viewing the caricature samples with their photos on this website, you can get an idea of what I can achieve for you.

Pastel illustrations are completely hand-drawn, created with black line and then shaded with pastels. They are drawn with the same materials that I use for my live events (but with far more time spent on them plus more detail added). Framing service offered too!

Full payment will be required prior to beginning your illustration. Once I've confirmed that I can accept the commission and you've confirmed that you wish to proceed, I will email payment methods to you. This may be made by electronic bank transfer, cheque or PayPal (for PayPal click here - Please note - If using this method of payment, a transaction fee will apply).

Please note that I can't take card payments over the phone.


A3 Pastel caricature illustrations (unframed)

Black & white
1 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £35.00 + p&p.
2 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £60.00 + p&p.
1 x subject, 'full-figure' = £45.00 + p&p.
2 x subject, 'full-figure' = £85.00 + p&p.

1 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £50.00 + p&p.
2 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £90.00 + p&p.
1 x subject, 'full-figure' = £80.00 + p&p.
2 x subject, 'full-figure' = £120.00 + p&p.

Please note:

'Subject' is either a person or a pet.

Above prices are based on a subject holding, or being surrounded by, a few objects that relate to him/her (hobbies and interests) with a basic background. The price may be higher if your description is very large. I will assess your request and get back to you before you commit to the commission. 

Postage and packing
​Add £10 p&p to above prices. Posted in 'toblerone-style' packaging via 'Royal Mail Special Delivery' - UK only.

For illustrations with more than 2 subjects, please see my 'Group caricature' section.

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