A4 Raw pencil caricature illustrations (unframed)

Black & white
1 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £80.00.
2 x subject, 'head & shoulders' = £130.00.​

A3 RaW pencil caricature illustrations (unframed)

Black & white
1 x subject, 'full-figure' = £120.00.
2 x subject, 'full-figure' = £170.00.​

Group Illustrations

For groups of 3 x people or more, please contact me for a quote.

Raw pencil caricatures are completely hand-drawn using led pencil on quality cartridge paper. Framing service offered too for A3 illustrations.

'Post-friendly' framing service available
Your commissioned caricature illustration looks so much better when it arrives at your door already framed! Click here to read more.


  • My goal is to represent a person in a fun, cartoon style, usually with exaggerated features - a 'caricature'. 
  • My caricature illustrations are based on how I imagine the person's character and look to be, from the quality and content of the photos that are provided to me.
  • Please bear in mind that I do not know the subject and a lot of the character of him/her is gained by you 'knowing' them. This doesn't always come across in photos. 
  • Before commissioning me to create a caricature, please bear in mind that I am not a 'portrait artist'! If you are hoping for an identical, photographic representation of an individual, then please contact a portrait artist who can suit your requirements. 
  • Hopefully, from viewing the carciature samples with their photos on this website, you can get an idea of what I can achieve for you.

Postage and packing
Add £10 p&p to above prices (A3 sent in 'toblerone-style' packaging, A4 in a hardbacked envelope). Posted via 'Royal Mail Special Delivery'.

Ordering a Raw Pencil caricature 
Raw pencil caricatures will require at least 1-2 weeks notice (earlier deadlines may be possible depending on workload). UK only.​

Photos to supply
I will need a few good quality photos of each subject sent to me to create a caricature. For more information, please click here.

Proof sketch

Proof sketches are only available on 'full- figure' Illustrations. A single pencil outline proof sketch is available for the customer to approve composition and content. Please note, this sketch won't include faces as it is harder to show a true likeness with a single pencil outline. Subjects are usually shown smiling unless a specific look is required. Once this sketch has been approved, the completed illustration is then completed to meet the requested deadline.​

Full payment will be required prior to beginning your illustration. Once I've confirmed that I can accept the commission and you've confirmed that you wish to proceed, I will email payment methods to you. This may be made by electronic bank transfer, cheque or PayPal (for PayPal click here - Please note - If using this method of payment, a transaction fee will apply).

Please note that I can't take card payments over the phone.


Tel: 01452 722980
If I'm not available to take your call, please use my answerphone service

Mob: 07854 708121
Please do not leave answerphone messages

Email: tonygs@tonystoons.co.uk

Sorry, I'm fully maxed out on commissions until June now (May fully booked).