Griff Rhys Jones

Popular comedian, actor and writer

Whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire, I was lucky enough to meet Griff. He was signing copies of his book 'Rivers', that accompanied his recent great BBC tv series. With help from fellow actors, Griff also put on a fantastic performance of 'The Last Invasion' in his 'Breeze Block' theatre on his farm later that very evening! After being lucky enough to attend the show, I decided to create him a little keepsake!

Katherine Ellis

One of dance music's most respected and versatile singer songwriters.

Presented 'Live' on Gaydar radio on 14 September 2009 to Katherine Ellis by DJ Phil Marriott... and... guess what, he's still alive to tell the tale! Thank you Katherine for being such a great sport as it's quite an extreme caricature! I eventually got to meet the lady herself at my brother's birthday party. An amazing experience that I will treasure forever. She's a gem. Oh and remember the amazing singer at the end credits in the movie blockbuster 'Gravity'? Yep, that was her!

You can also check out the 'PMKE podcast' starring Phil Marriott and Katherine Ellis by clicking here. Katherine's website here too!

Phil Cool
Comedian and face contortionist

If you're a similar age to me (!) you may remember Phil's shows on the BBC and ITV in the 80's who made us laugh with his face contortions and impressions. During his show, he stated that he'd studied 'Faceology' through the years to achieve his expressions! I was lucky enough to meet the great Phil Cool after his incredibly funny show (I was literally crying with laughter) and presented him with a caricature. I also mentioned to him after the show, that I was a sort of faceologist too! 

Check out Phil's website by clicking here.

Charley Boorman

Modern-day adventurer, travel writer and entertainer

Charlie's trip around the globe with Ewan McGregor on motorbikes, was one of my favourite programmes. He recently brought his fantastic live show near to my hometown and I had to rush and see it. Back stage, after the show, I presented him with a little memento!

Check out Charlie's next adventure by visiting his website here.


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During my career as a caricaturist, I've loved drawing famous people. I've even had the huge privilege of meeting some of them too!